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Netherbrick Road

For details on how to obtain a copy of the Notably Republic MineCraft World, see the "All Good Things Must Come to an End" thread in the forum below. Any Notably member in good standing is invited to join us on the Netherbrick Road, and we would be delighted to have you. Email if you would like to be whitelisted. This is a permanent, survival server that has been up for almost a year now, and includes many players you already know: Aradiel, Chicken, Dave6400, Fantapants, GMJMD1, JaggedJ, Joe130, MaudAnne, NicholasZireaux, Pfunk, P0ngee, P0ngeeSr, SolomonGajda, Spiney, vonSparklepants, WillWebb, and of course Xodu, as well a great group of newer players. Xodu keeps the server close to vanilla, running only Bukkit Essentials plugins and the latest Bukkit recommended patch level. As a result we always lag behind Mojang’s releases, but we are also extremely stable. The world is Dynmap enabled, 24X7, and free to play. Xodu plans to keep the server running for as long as MC is around and interest persists.

Rebulicoin (1 RC) 2011


Backed by a gold bullion reserve held in Ft. Blox of PubliCity, republicoins can be used to purchase items from ChestShops, NPCs, and for commerce between citizens.

Step Back InnStep Back Inn Opens in Bygga

Take a break from mining at a warm hearth, good food and drinks, great atmosphere, hot water for bathing and shaving, and 5 cozy rooms!

PistonHeads Knockin ShopPistonHeads Knockin Shop

Pistons, Sticky Pistons, all manner of Redstone circuitry, buttons and levers. We buy and sell MineCraft mechanisms and parts. Tomorrow's technology today! In Bygga, north of PubliCity.



Apply now to be a part of our online community of world-builders.

With over 30 million MineCraft users, we seek quality over quantity.

Notably Republic MineCraft Hunger Games

Hunger Games!

In celebration of the First Anniversary of the Notably Republic, Solomon has decreed that each month, all citizens in good standing of the Notably Republic will have the opportunity to fight to multiple deaths in a pageant of honor, courage and sacrifice.

Thecia Arena in the Rain


Grand opening of the newly constructed Thecia Arena features fully automated SPLEEF! Click the picture on the left for a helmetcam view of the first round set to music by macsmp!

NRTV Anchor Desk Logo MinecraftNRTV - Episode 2!

Join Diamond Sawyer, Walter Concrete, and Katie Cubic as they broadcast events of the Notably Republic over the NRTV You-Tube Channel. This episode features the demolition of a building by explosive arrows set to music and is interrupted by a report on werewolves!

Wood_Stocked Shop


Wide selection of woods and leaves, supporting one of the few truly natural and renewable resources available.


Ewe R 2 Dye 4 Opens!

Full selection of dyed wool, dyes, and dye components. Self-serve shop. Buy, sell, or work at the shop.

Blocksmith, Thumper, and Bam BamBlocksmith, Thumper, and Bam Bam

Features an NPC Blacksmith who will repair your tools, weapons, or armor for republicoins and keep the enchantment intact!

Honor System

We expected all citizens to respect builds and chests. Unless you'd cleared it with the owner (or they've placed a "free stuff" sign beside it, don't take things that aren't yours. Ask around before mining or building to make sure you're not in an area someone has already claimed and is working. Be creative, but try and make your build fit suitably and not clash with builds around it.


Player vs. Player

In addition to our hardcore Hunger Games server and Clan Wars server, there were several areas designated for player versus player combat, such as arenas or large outdoor settings. These areas were clearly marked by borders and signs. Please be aware that if you built or carried anything into these areas, you may have lost it due to death traps or other automatic and clicker powered devices within the area.

Sanctioned PvP was allowed anywhere in the world. PvP was considered sanctioned if players were members of opposing groups who had declared war on each other, or in a case where role-play dictated that two groups or individuals were at war. The declaration must be mutual.

Server Mods

This server ran MineCraft version 1.7.5 in survival mode with 54 mods actively maintained. (We also hosted a hardcore Hunger Games and a ClanWars server open to vistors and citizens alike.) The Netherworld was active. Flying was not. Teleportation was limited to certain specific events, we used rails! This was a MineCraft roleplay server. The server itself was located in a high-capacity data center in Dallas, TX with 14GB RAM, Sandy Bridge Intel Xeon E3-1270 processors and solid state hard-drives. We backed up the server to off-site locations twice per day. A unique world map was updated monthly showing the current state of all areas explored so far. Server slots were set to 120 (people online at any one time) and we monitored this to ensure lag-free performance. This server had no white-list, and visitors were free to visit and explore before deciding if it would be a good fit for them. Visitors couldn't break or place blocks, or use anything; monsters ignored visitors. In order to build in world, you needed to complete an application (selecting "Apply" from the menu) for citizenship. It was our intention to fill membership based on normal playing times to ensure an even server load and nominal performance at all times.



The Notably Republic was located on the planet Torvi V in the Torvi solar system of the Chasnaye constellation of the Everyshore region in the Eve-Online universe. Planetary operations were managed by the HedgeWorks [HEWS] corporation.


We tried to admit only the most creative and hard-working people to this server. While we understood that accidents do happen on an SMP server, please respect the work that others have done and try to mitigate any inadvertant damage you may cause as best you can. We do have a community run system of courts, trial by jury, and even prison to help solve disputes and encourage societal norms.

Builds and building sites can be protected from creeper and enderman damage. Fill out and submit a Land Claim form for protection and access controls. Territories can be claimed and deeded. Larger territories require more than one person on the deed.


We welcomed creative and active artists, writers, designers, musicians, and filmmakers all with good imaginations. Together we built a unique world setting for exploration, plot-development, intellectual digression, roleplay, relaxation and fun! Apply now.

There was no membership fee, but your application had to be approved by current citizens.

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